How Much Does SEO Cost?

How Much is SEO?
If I had a nickel for every time I talked SEO pricing with a client, we probably wouldn’t need to charge for our services any longer. As a business owner, local search engine optimization is beyond essential, it’s imperative. The question of how much should you be paying for SEO has been looming for several years, and it is definitely not going away. As the web continues to be the vehicle for local businesses to intensify their traffic, growth and profitability, SEO will continue to be the engine.

If you have been asking yourself what you should be paying for SEO, listen up. It is my hope that this post will allow you to wrap your mind around what your business should be allocating as an SEO budget. Bust out those pens and take some notes, because this will be a fantastic primer as to working with a company like Buhv Designs.

How to Pay for SEO?
Just like life insurance premiums, there are several ways that most companies will bill for SEO services. Most companies will offer several methods or payment plans, but it is important to understand each approach.

An Hourly Rate: This approach is one that most local business owners will relate to. If you need to hire an electrician, typically you will receive an invoice for the hours of services provided. While this approach seems welcoming, this may not be the best way to pay for SEO services. A typical hourly rate ranges between $150 and $300. Search Engine Optimization campaigns can require over 40 hours a month; that can add up quickly.

A Project Rate: This approach is one that many web marketing agencies offer. This option allows a local business owner to define the “terms” of the campaign. Your campaign has a finite life cycle and once the project is complete your SEO efforts follow in tow. In my opinion, this is not the best approach, as SEO is not a turn key service. Organic campaigns require time to climb the ranks; once on top, you must continue your efforts to preserve your rankings.

A Monthly Retainer: This is the most commonly employed method for SEO campaigns. This option essentially allows you to hire a marketing team without paying to house them. A retainer allows you to maximize your web marketing and SEO efforts and will typically include monthly reporting and multiple touch points for your local marketing efforts. In my professional opinion, this approach is the most advantageous way to pay for an SEO campaign, as a monthly retainer will typically yield the highest return on investment for the local business owner.

At Buhv Designs we do offer all three methods, however the monthly retainer is employed by approximately 95% of our clients. We offer all three options as a means to ensure flexibility for our clients. Giving options is always a great way to do so.